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Modi Bond

Product Applications - Constructions


Modibond - Waterproofing SL is a solvent less system consisting of polyurethane. It is suitable for various types of substract such as RCC, BRICK, CEMENT, PLASTER, MUD etc. to make waterproof of any liquids or other aggressive volatiles. This system offers excellent chemical and heat resistance after coating on the substract.
Modibond - Cement Shakti is a Co-polymer Cement Binder. It crosslink with Cement give fast curing and extra bonding with concrete/sand. Due to fast cross-linking damping of water (water tarai) can be reduced by 50%.
Modibond - EVA is a white milky Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate copolymer emulsion. It combines the performance properties of emulsions with the convenience, reliability, and polymer properties that is designed for adhesive and construction use. For adhesive use, MODIBOND-EVA is able to use as base emulsion to bond variety substrates. For construction use, MODIBOND-EVA is able to use as cement additive to provide improvements in the properties of mortar and concrete. Such as: workability, adhesion, water resistance, shocked and abrasion resistance.
Modi Granite Fill : This system is specially made for granite to improve the surface defects. This system is widely used for Filling micro cracks and pin holes present on granite surfaces.
Modi Crack Fill is a modified system for marble to fill micro cracks on marble surface.
Modibond - Gap Fill is an excellent bonding system for filling joints between two marbles for flooring in place of while cement. After curing, this system gives white marble appearance.
Modi Seal is a two component Epoxy based Compound. It has excellent adhesive properties and resistance with chemicals, etc. useful in repairing, joining and sealing metals, glass, asbestos, concrete, ceramic, marbles, etc.
Moditite is a high strength two components Epoxy and matchless formulation for application in domestic, industrial, construction related applications such as speaker, marble, tile fixing, night bulb, bangle, automotive etc. use this material where high strength is must. It is suitable for bonding metal to metal, aluminium to aluminium, metal to wood, bonding marble moulding over marble. Excellent adhesive for pasting craves and over unpolished surface of granite. Tile to provide grip with cement mortar for fixing marble over marble, wood or concrete surfaces.
Modicrete Water Proofing Compound is a single compound water thinable protective coating to be applied over exterior surface of wall to prevent entry of water and moisture from the surface.
Modicrete Sealer is a single compound water thinable polymeric liquid for sealing porosity of concretes, sand stone and other porous surfaces. We can add water to reduce viscosity according to porous surface.
Two component polymeric system for repairing cracked and damaged concrete structures. Excellent system for waterproofing, foundation bolt grouting and patch repair applications. Suitable system for bonding old to new concrete. Holdfast grouting : Take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, add dry stone chips and quartz sand into the mix so that it becomes a paste. Fill the paste into the cavity and spread dry sand over the patch which will provide surface for bonding with new cement plaster. Water proofing : Take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, mix thoroughly, apply the mix on clean and dry concrete surface. Leave applied surface untouched for 24 hours. Apply second coat of mix by paint brush followed by laying of 1" thick layer of cement mortar to prevent the treated surface from the effect of UV-rays. Old concrete to new concrete bonding : take Resin & Hardener as per above mentioned ratio, mix thoroughly and apply the mix on old concrete surface pour new concrete mix immediately over the area on which MODICRETE has been applied. Quartz and silica can be added as per requirement
MODIBOND-PUR ADHESIVE is a single component moisture curing adhesive with high temerature and water resistance. It bonds wood to wood,windows and door assembly,staircase,plywood,rigid plastic,foam,concrete and ceramics.Ideal for emergency maintainence of AC ducts.
MODITITE-CLEAR is a tranparent and clear two component adhesive for several industrial applications where very high vibration or impact resistance are the requirement.
MODITITE-VISCO is a medium strength two component highly viscous thixotropic adhesive It is an excellent adhesive for sealing electronic components. It can also be used for making small beads over sari, chunari, hairclips and artificial jewellery. Jari & Colours can be added to give desired effect on textile, glass and wooden surfaces
MODITITE-CLEAR AND RAPID is a very fast setting clear adhesive for handicraft, artificial jewellery manufacturing, glass to metal like for magnetic lock on glass doo. very good adhesion for glass to glass bonding including construction and repairing applications



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