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Modi Bond, Ruchi Organics Ltd. Modi Bond, Ruchi Organics Ltd.
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Modi Bond

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Modibond Brush Maker is a modified Epoxy system for Brush Industries. It has better strength to bond bristles with handle and gives long life to brush.
Mixing Ratio By Wt. : 100:10
Pot Life : 35 MINS
Other Information : PROCEDURE TO USE: Take 100 ml of resin in a beaker and equivalent quantity of hardener in a separate beaker; pour both into a mixing vessel thoroughly. The pouring of mix is similar to shellac (burning is not required in case of resin and hardener system) only single pouring is required in all brushes. After pouring mixture leave the brushes overnight for curing. The system will get partially cured in 4-6 hours. Depending upon the room temperature (and the system used) after 4 hours. Of mixing nailing of brushes can be done by hammering. After 24 hours of curing nailing of brushes become difficult, drilling will have to be done before nailing of the brushes.
PRECAUTIONS: Do not mix more than 400gm at a time, use the mix within half an hour, use of silica powder is to increase the viscosity of mix, ratio of which is different for different type of bristles and mesh size of powder. Suggested ratio of silica powder is 30-35gm per 100gm of resin. Nailing is must in thinner based systems. System IV is generally used by those manufacturers who are making machine cleaning brushes. System I & II can also be used for electric insulating applications.



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